The Puget Sound Bonsai Association was formed in 1973 and is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the education of its members and the general public in the art and culture of bonsai. Club members have bonsai experience that ranges from beginner to recognized experts in the art. The PSBA holds regularly scheduled club meetings featuring demonstrations and educational programs by national and international bonsai artists. The club also stages public shows and participates in community events where members' trees are showcased.


January - February: Now Is The Time... by Ken Wassum

Yes, it is that time of the year again – time to repot.

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Feb. 22, 2016 - Bobby Curttright - Demonstration

We are pleased to announce Bobby Curttright as our guest artist for the February 22nd general meeting! Bobby's interest in bonsai is longstanding, but an exposure to the Nippon Bonsai Association's Classic Bonsai of Japan irreversibly sparked it into a full-fledged passion. After just one year of working seriously with bonsai, the Nebraska native was accepted as Michael Hagedorn's full-time apprentice. This speaks volumes about his personal attributes and just how quickly he has progressed. In the ensuing years, Bobby has made annual trips to Japan where he's worked with Shinji Suzuki, one of the country's leading bonsai artists. In his own words, Bobby enjoys "the process of training and growing bonsai from seed, or seedling, as well as the raw natural beauty one can find in a collected tree." A well-rounded technician and artist, he finds value in "all the different species of trees and the work that is involved with them." Some of his favorites, however, are natives such as mountain hemlock, shore pine, Rocky Mountain juniper, Ponderosa pine and Engelmann spruce. Among Eastern species, he prefers Japanese white pine, Tosho (needle juniper), dwarf Japanese flowering quince, and Ezo spruce. Come see Bobby in action on February 22nd from 7:00 to 9:30pm at the UW Center for Urban Horticulture!

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Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays from PSBA! See you in February.


Reminder - Please Renew Your PSBA Membership for 2016!!

PSBA members are reminded to renew their membership for 2016.  Members can renew anytime online by clicking on the Join/Renew tab on the website and following the instructions.  We will also set up a table at our November 23 meeting to accept membership renewals.  We can accept cash or checks at the meeting and we are investigating setting up payment by credit cards there as well.

Thanks for renewing and see you all at the meeting!!


November 23, 2015 - Dan Robinson - Last in the Series


Dan Robinson, one of the world’s bonsai rock stars will present trees that have been demonstrated on at PSBA over the past two years.  Dan has presented two raw untrained specimens, an azalea in the Spring of 2014, and, in the Fall of the same year, he carved and wired a large weeping Japanese Red Pine.  He is unique in his approach to styling and has transformed these trees in front of you over the past 24 months.  You can see the potential of a variety of techniques, the result of continued grooming and it all began in front of you as part of your PSBA educational programming.

Dan explained how the Pine and the Azalea have achieved their bonsai journey, and the direction took to continue to help them evolve.  It was a coalescing of wiring, carving, and the culmination of work by an exciting bonsai artist.   

Thanks to all who attended and see you all in 2016!!